Manama, 17.01.2024 – RiseRelay W.L.L., an executive recruitment agency based in Bahrain, proudly announces its official classification as a Micro Business by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MOIC) in Bahrain. This recognition marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey and underscores its commitment to excellence in the field of executive recruitment.

Micro Business Certification Signifies Growth and Recognition

The Micro Business certification, conferred by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce in Bahrain, is a testament to RiseRelay’s dedication, hard work, and contribution to the local business landscape in the GCC. This recognition brings with it several advantages, including access to government support programs, tailored regulatory considerations, and potential financial benefits.

Commitment to Excellence

Founded in 2023, RiseRelay has rapidly become a trusted partner for businesses in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Specializing in executive recruitment for key sectors such as sales, artificial intelligence, big data, drones, and autonomous systems, the company has consistently demonstrated its commitment to delivering high-quality services.

A Thank You to Stakeholders

RiseRelay extends its sincere thanks to its clients, partners, and the dedicated team that has played a crucial role in achieving this milestone. The company looks forward to leveraging this recognition to further enhance its services and make a positive impact on the local business ecosystem.